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The Wined team approached us with the goal of building a modern online retail store experience.  Wined is a brand that specializes in premium wine gift and accessories for wine lovers.  Their catalog includes more than 1,500 unique products in the categories of glassware, accessories, pairing and decor. 

We immediately believed in their passion for high-quality wine products, and met with the team to define key requirements for their store, with a focus on designing and developing a highly-converting user experience.  The Wined team were thrilled with the design and results of the store, and you can see the website here.


The Wined team wanted to bring their catalog of premium wine gifts and accessories online to expand their customer reach and increase their sales.  In addition, the team was particularly interested in positioning upsells and bundles to increase average order values.  We provided strategy, design and ecommerce development services to deliver the experience.


We designed and implemented the Wined online store, using the latest ecommerce technology solutions.  After meeting with the team to understand their vision and requirements, we designed the Wined logo and ecommerce experience, including the homepage, collections pages, product pages and checkout flow.


The Wined team has been very pleased with the results. The results have been very positive with regards to customer engagement on the product page and conversions from the shopping cart.  In addition to the conversions, the team is able to easily add, update and remove products and update inventory levels in an automated way.


What We Did
Our Approach

We partnered with the the Wined team to collaboratively define the information architecture and key requirements for the ecommerce store.  We interviewed several team members to understand what was most valuable to them and reviewed  their impressive product catalog of over 1,500 products that would be promoted on the website.

In addition to designing a clean user interface that is on-brand, we built key functionality that customers have engaged with in a positive way.  We facilitated the development of the information architecture, organizing products in categories such as wine, glassware, accessories, pairings and decor.

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