Empowering minorities to develop their skills as lawyers.

The Howard University School of Law approached us with the goal of redesigning their existing Law School website.  Howard University’s School of Law’s mission is to empower students to grow their capabilities and skills as lawyers.  The Law School also serves to support the development of solutions to legal, social, economic and political problems that are of particular concern to minority groups.  We were pleased to be a part of this important mission, and you can see the website here.


The Howard University Law School needed a website that highlighted their mission, as well as provided organized information on admissions, academics and career services for students, faculty and alumni.  The school required strategy, design and development to expand their digital reach.


We designed and implemented the Howard University Law School website in Drupal 7.  We provided strategy, design and development to help the law school expand their reach, attract new students and provide existing students, faculty & alumni with the information they looking for.


With the launch of the new website, the Law school has been able to increase awareness of its mission, expand education and increase the number of visitors to the site and time spent on page.

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What we did
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We partnered with the Howard University School of Law to collaboratively build a powerful new website that assists the Law school in its goal to empower students to develop their skills as lawyers.

We designed a new visual structure which appeals to users and accurately represents the Law school’s mission, while expanding its reach to new interested students and faculty.

We developed a new sitemap and organized the content on the site to be intuitive and persona-focused, which allowed students, faculty and alumni to find the information they are looking for efficiently.

We also focused on improving the Administrative side of the website, to make it easy for the Law school website administrators to manage content, leveraging content types, taxonomies and paragraph components.

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